Building Better DJs





This 8 week class focuses on the fundamentals and knowledge every DJ should have. Mechanics, proper technique, history and basic music theory are the emphasis in these levels, ensuring that each student has the proper tools and knowledge as they begin their journey in becoming a DJ.


This curriculum was personally designed by The Beat Junkies to build a better, well rounded DJ that understands his or her roots while at the same time, preparing them for the ever changing landscape of DJing. Spaces are very limited as this course is only offered 3 times a year with availability for 12 students per semester.  



Other than enrolling in courses and classes, our membership program is another way to become a part of our community. 



“The Beat Junkies Institute of Sound is like a university for those who want to become DJ’s.“I don’t think there’s anything else like it in the world,” said co-founder DJ Babu.” - Elex Michaelson (FoxLA)

“Unbeknownst to the industry, another landmark moment quietly occurred far from the torched strip malls of South Central. From the fringes of L.A.'s suburban sprawl came The Beat Junkies, the most important and influential West Coast DJ crew.” - Jeff Weiss (theLAndMag)


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