• Our courses are presented in a semester system 
  • All of our semesters consist of 3 levels. 
  • Each level consists of (8) 90 minute sessions.
  • Students will attend 2 sessions per week over the span of 12 weeks. 
  • Intermediate & Advanced classes require a student assessment or completion of The Foundation Levels 1-3  


Mastering any craft requires a solid foundation and this course gives our students the core skills and knowledge needed to become a great DJ. Students in this course are taught exclusively with vinyl records with the understanding that anything accomplished on vinyl will be that much easier with any current or future DJ technology. This curriculum was personally designed by The Beat Junkies to build a better, well rounded DJ that understands his or her roots while at the same time, preparing them for the ever changing landscape of DJing. Spaces are very limited as this course is only offered 3 times a year with availability for 12 students per semester. Wether you want to DJ a house party or a sold out arena, this is where it all begins. 

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