This 8 week course meets once a week for 90 minutes every Friday 7:30-9pm.  

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran DJ looking to brush up their skills, Intro to DJing is for you. Each 90 minute class is designed to give students the basic knowledge and skills to further explore the deeper, more complex levels of DJ'ing. Basic mixing and scratching, music theory, equipment use, terminology, mechanics, and techniques are the focus of this class. Enroll now and learn to DJ the right way with the Beat Junkies. 

This is a 8 week class with a curriculum that starts over at the top of every 8 weeks. 



Our Scratch Training Classes offer instruction focused on maintaining and improving your scratching skills. Each 60 minute session consists of specialized drills & training exercises designed to take your scratching to another level. Classes are intimate and personal with space being limited to 12 students per session. 

  • Beginner: Introduction to Scratching
  • Intermediate + up: Intermediate + Advance Scratch Training classes

Instructors: A weekly rotating lineup featuring D-Styles, Melo-D & Babu 



Our Creative Mixing Class offers classes that are designed to improve your overall DJ skill set. Covering mixing and scratching on both analog and digital platforms alike, each 60 minute Creative Mixing session provides students practical, creative techniques that will lead them to become better all around DJs. Creative Mixing is offered weekly with space limited to 12 students per session.



Since the late 90s, the Beat Junkies have influenced the global DJ community with their unique Beat Juggling routines. This class is designed for intermediate to advanced level DJs interested in the art of manipulating beats on two turntables and a mixer. Each 60 minute session consists of specialized drills and training exercises which provide students with the skills and knowledge to create Beat Juggling routines of their own. Enroll in our Beat Juggling class and take your skills on two turntables to the next level.



With the advent of technology, DJs now have access to powerful programs and applications which enable them to further their creativity. Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS), allow DJs to use their digital music libraries and laptops in conjunction with a traditional DJ setup (two turntables, mixer, and vinyl control records). Since the introduction of Serato in 2004, the Beat Junkies have worked directly with the founding team members and have been officially endorsing their program. Serato is the preferred choice of DVS among Professional DJs around the world and we are proud to teach the platform here at BJIOS. Enroll in our Serato Class to learn all about the industry's leading DVS and how you can add it to your arsenal!

This is a 4 week class with a curriculum that starts over at the top of each month. Students will be required to attend a 60 minute session once a week. Students must enroll before the cut off date for each upcoming month.


Want to sign up? Check out which pack is right for you! Classes are $100 a la carte, save now by registering for the BJIOS pack that is right for you!